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Mwingi transforms the way local retail entrepreneurs in rural areas throughout Africa are doing business in their community. Mwingi establishes a new franchise concept which enables local retailers, e.g. Duka owners, at the last mile in rural areas to offer their customers affordable quality products at all times.

The average rural retailer – let´s call her Nduku – in a typical last mile community often does not have goods which are essential for the well-being of her customers, because it´s hard to get them to her shop. Usually she has to travel for many hours or even days to the next regional town to buy these products at high prices and then bring them back to her shop to sell them in her community. Often Nduku also don’t have the necessary cash to buy products, so her shop cannot offer what customers need.

Mwingi frequently delivers quality products for a fair price to rural retailers and allows Mwingi franchisees to sell goods on consignment. Also Nduku has become a franchisee of Mwingi. And as such her goods are being delivered on regular dates to her shop. As a franchisee, she does not have to pay them, but first sell them on consignment to her customers and then pay Mwingi. Mwingi´s system automatically detects when Nduku is running out of goods and makes sure that a new batch of goods will be on its way shortly.

Nduku likes the Mwingi business model because Mwingi shares all profits with her. Mwingi also takes away the burden of upfront working capital to pay for the goods because she can sell them on consignment. Mwingi and Nduku are in touch at all times, and whenever there is a problem or an opportunity, they figure it out together. Nduku also uses a smart digital POS (point of sales) system at her shop which allows her to register all sales. Her customers have a great experience at her shop because their most needed products are always available for good prices.

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