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MWINGI is serving truly rural (e.g. off-tarmac, off-grid) communities across Africa with sustainable & essential products, always available & affordable via reliable distribution channels and a simple, robust, and tech enabled business model.

“Currently Kenya has more than 350,000 dukas. They tend to be without automation tools or systems. And most of them permanently suffer from lack to access to credit” Business Daily Africa, March 6, 2020

Kenyan dukas serve 70% of the population. Traditional trade accounts for 66.3% of total trade in Kenya, with growing perspectives, driven by small players who are expanding their reach.“ (Nielsen 2019)

However, the retail conundrum for traditional traders, in particular in rural areas, can be summarized as follows:

  • Lack of working capital
  • Lack of business management skills
  • Lack of access to sustainable affordable products
  • Lack of reliable supply chain
  • Lack of efficient IT / systems to run their business

An additional challenge are bad roads and poor infrastructure in rural areas, resulting in high cost of logistics. As a result dukas have irregular availability of essential products and charge high prices - creating an ongoing cycle of poverty penalty.

“Given the fragmenting retail landscape, manufacturers and retailers need to find their pockets of growth, deliver products and services at the right price points for their consumer and focus on innovation to break through the clutter. There’s also a need to build precise and efficient distribution and trade strategies to navigate the complexity that exists in the market.” Faith Wanderi, Nielsen East Africa

MWINGI is establishing Africa’s largest network of connected trading outlets (“MWINGI Shops”), following 5 key operation principles:

  • Focus on most essential FMCGs & few selected solar products, priced fairly, always available
  • Tech enabled supply chain and cost efficient last mile distribution
  • MWINGI shopkeeper ́s (franchisee) stock is pre- financed by MWINGI
  • Proprietary, simple and proven Point of Sale system which reduces fraud and helps the Franchisee business operate properly
  • MWINGI aggregates the demand in entire communities as a supplier to both MWINGI ́s franchisees and other local traders in the region. The wholesale margin leverages distribution costs, the most inhibiting factor to build a profitable trading network in remote rural areas.

MWINGI rural network of connected last mile distribution points offers to our franchisees:

  • Tech enabled supply chain and cost efficient last mile distribution for essential consumer goods
  • Handling of all purchasing processes
  • Franchisee ́s stock is pre-financed by MWINGI
  • Powerful, simple and proven Point of Sale system which reduces fraud and helps the franchisee business operate properly
  • Clear and transparent financial management practices
  • Comprehensive training and constant guidance for the franchisee

Thanks to MWINGI ́s aggregated purchasing power and cost efficient, reliable logistics, we are offering to independent traders in the cluster areas of our franchise shops:

  • Access to affordable quality products
  • Fair prices (same as to our franchisees)
  • Pre-orders
  • Reliable regular delivery
  • No prepayment – payment on delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • No exclusivity (trader can also purchase from others)
  • Option to become a franchisee

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