Mwingi was founded in 2019 by Brenda, Manuela, and their partners who are passionate about bringing affordable quality products to the last mile in rural areas across Africa.

Brenda Mideva, Co-founder and Managing Director

Brenda has vast experience in start ups and in last mile retail management. Brenda has a major in Human Resource Management, but also knows all other essential aspects of business management like finance, supply chain management, sales and marketing. Brenda is excited in transforming lives, in particular of women in the rural areas, because just like her, these women need support on providing food, child education, access to health, services and medication, better clothing, and overall improving the living standards of their families.

Manuela Raith, Co-founder and Managing Partner

Manuela has successfully served for many years in senior management positions in large corporations as well as in smaller start-ups, gaining experiences on three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Manuela therefore appreciates the importance of cultural diversity. One of her key talents is structuring and organizing young companies and coaching young professionals. She is also experienced in identifying appropriate strategies and implementing efficient management systems to foster growth and guarantee operational excellence.