Our Shops

Find below short descriptions and beautiful photos of our shops that show you the nature of our business.

Dorobo – Narok North East

Dorobo was MWINGI’s first Franchise Shop. It is 130 km away from Nairobi, which is a drive of 4 to 5 hours due to the challenging road conditions. Dorobo lies in the middle of farming and grass land. There are no tarmac roads, no fluent water and no electricity – just a few houses. This is the kind of area MWINGI wants to serve – the real “last mile” where people suffer from not being connected to any established supply chain. The village itself is very small, but people come from far to buy essential goods which are often sold out in the whole area.

Sankale – Narok North East

Sankale is 10 km away from Dorobo. Also here people live from farming. They have so little money, that they buy their maize meal and other goods on a daily basis. In average they spend one dollar a day with us. They love that now they have a shop in their village which is always stocked and that they don’t have to walk long distances just to buy the few products they need. Most other shops in the area often close because the owners don’t have the working capital to buy stock and to pay for the expensive transport from the next center which is far away.

Wafoa – Narok North East

Also Wafoa is located in Narok North East. This area is high in the mountains up to 3,000m high, and therefore the weather is quite cold, which can be seen as well from the clothes people wear. It rains quite often, sometimes even some snow is seen. We just opened this shop more information and photos will follow shortly.

Enooseyia – Narok North East

More information will be available soon

Olkiramatian – Ngurumani, Magadi

On the contrary to Narok North East, our shops in Kajiado lie in areas where the weather is very hot with little rain. Here people live mainly from their cattle.

Olkiramatian is a very small village, even smaller than the villages in Narok North East. Only a few people live here. But our shop is located directly at the market place and once in a week hundreds of people meet here for trading. When they saw the shop the first time, they couldn’t believe it. “Are you a real supermarket?” they asked because they never imagined that such a shop would open in their area.

Ngomongo – Ngurumani, Magadi

Ngomongo is only 15 km away from Olkiramatian, but very different. In Ngomongo there are more houses and even small hotels. You can spot a lot of kids taken care for their smaller siblings and the goats of their family.

Entasopia – Ngurumani, Magadi

More information will be available soon

Oloika – Ngurumani, Magadi

More information will be available soon